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    Default Please Help! Bridging Camera?

    Hi all,
    I've joined this site to get some advice and on a Christmas present for my Mr's! She actually wants a small video camera and separate digital camera but when i went into the shop the bloke behind the counter suggested a "bridging" camera instead. The 1 he suggested was the Panasonic Lumix DMX FZ38. He says it takes much better quality pics than a normal (point and shoot) digital camera and has HD video record which is better than the video cameras i was looking at in my price range (under 250 for both!). I then looked at several other bridging cameras and what he said did seem valid but i have no clue about photography, although my partner loves taking pictures and i think with the right camera she might pursue it as a hobby. Other cameras i've looked at are: pentax Optio X90, samsung wb5500, Nikon cool pix P100, fujifilm fine pix hs10, fujifilm fine pix s1800/2500HD and too many more to list! Any help and advice anyone could give would be very much appreciated! Cheers Dan.

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    Hi danjwalker1...You may not need a bridge camera, if your main thing is video. I have an inexpensive compact camera that i bought for shooting videos of my dogs playing in the field and sticking them on utube. It also takes good photos as long as the light is good


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