I've decided after reading through many many reviews not to replace my little Canon A710. Instead I'm going to keep it for everyday use and buy myself something a little different to help me get stated in photography.
I'm definatley not a pro, I could'nt even call myself an amateur, but i love taking photos especially of landscapes and nature.
I honestly know very little about different settings and iso and lenses etc, so i don't want to start too big, also i don't have the cash to buy expensive euipment.
Two cameras i've been looking at are the Fuji HS10 and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ45. both have good reviews, I am favouring the Fuji as it gives more control over the zoom. I believe any of these cameras or others similar is the way for me to go. However after testing these cameras i noticed a second hand Nikon D60 with18-55mm in the shop window for 250.
Would the DSLR be a step too far? Are the bridge cameras fine for my needs? Please help.