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    Hi, I've just become a dad and I want to capture my son at play. I have a Samsung NV40? digital camera, but I'm not amazed by the picture quality or the ability to capture him in low light, without the aid of the Flash (which startles him). What DSLR should I go for? I know price wise cameras can be as much as 1,000. I'd be happy to spend a lot of dosh if I knew I was getting a great camera, and one that took video too.

    Would be good to know what you all think would make a great buy for me sub 500 ish and 500 ish plus.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi have you considered the new Sony range Alpha 33 and 55 I would think as you want to capture your son at play the frame rates on these two cameras would be ideal. With the 55 producing 10 frames per second and the 33 producing 7 frames per second, both cameras have got some great reviews and being a Sony user myself the 55 is the next camera on my list, follow the link below to read a review and owner info on these models. I hope this helps Aidy


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