World of confusion. For start I read some books and a lot of stuff on internet.
First rule (Scott Kelby): TRIPOD. Ok, no problem, Second rule: macro lense. Hm... Sigma 150 2.8, Tamron 180 3.5, Canon 100 2.8?
Specifications - at this point insignificiant. First i want to see some samples. Jump on and big disappointment. Only few realy good pictures from Sigma 150. OK there are mix from everybody: profi and absolute beginners. Yes it is time to start read reviews.
Canon 100 mm 2,8 IS USM L Macro, winner. Price: 750 EUR. But ... Basic macro rules: tripod+Auto Focus off. DO I realy need IS?
Yes of course portrait photography. Insted to buy 2 lenses (Canon 100 mm MACRO+canon 135 f/2.0 L) i need only one.
And than... Bryan Peterson. Long time: ignore flash, forget flash. And now... Simple prescription (without tripod). Ring flash: TTL+fastes flasy sync speed+smalest f stop!!!
I realy want to see some full size samples with canon 100 mm 2.8 IS +ring flash made by hand and some samples made by canon 100 mm without IS +tripod. PL!