I'm trying to decide which to buy - it's my first DSLR and I've been researching for a while and have narrowed it down to these two but now keep going round in circles. It would be great to have some advice from someone who knows more about them, as to which you think I should get.

The 550D is obviously a great camera and I really like the idea of 18mp as I intend to enlarge my prints and want the detail. However I know the kit lens isnt too great, and with the price of the 550D I wouldn't be able to afford to upgrade the lens for a while.

The Nikon is about 200 cheaper, but doesn't have the low light capability of the Canon. I don't know what the kit lens is like. I'm having real trouble deciding whether it's worth the extra money to get a fantastic camera like the Canon which will last me ages and keep me learning for a long time, or whether the D3100 (which also is a great camera) will do fine for what I want.

I mainly want to photograph landscapes and artistic images that I can magnify... if this helps.
I will be so grateful if someone can advise me!!