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    Default New lens - is it worth it?

    Hello there.

    I have a Canon 40D and was thinking of buying a Canon f2.8 24-70mm lens so that I could really step up the quality of my pictures.
    My question is though. Is it worth spending so much on that particular lens for that model camera. Is there an alternative that would be more appropriate and do just as good a job?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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    That's a fine lens but it depends on the sort of photography you do. A popular alternative, for example, is the 17-40mm f/4 L, which offers much more at the wideangle end but less at telephoto. So it would be a good choice for landscapes but not for portraiture. For the latter you might also consider the 28-105mm f/4 L, which gives you more at the telephoto end but sacrifices an extra stop of speed. All are L lenses so pro spec and very good.
    What sort of photography are you mostly interested in?

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the reply and the suggestions.
    I'm getting paid now for my photography and want to build it as a business. I need a good all round lens for weddings but also promotional head shots for TV presenters etc and also childrens portraits.

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    The Canon f2.8 24-70mm may not be ideal for weddings ,as when the 40d sensor crop factor of 1.6 is applied ,you'll have a lens which will not be very wide for indoor shots.
    The 17-40mm f/4 L would be an alternative ,and at half the price of 24-70 ,would give you money for another longer focal length lens . I would definately avoid an EF-S lens ,because in the future you may want to go full frame .

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    hi matt i have the 17 40 it really has become my default lens and mine gives awsome quality on 50d (but i had 40d before that) i use it loads during weddings followed buy a 50mm 1.4 i had the 1.8 but liked the out of focus effects i got the 1.4 i also have the 24 105 another great lens (bizarely better on 50d than 40d ! i dont really know why but i did on 50d have to set up microadjust) the 24 105 is used less now than i expected it to be also 100 400canon and 12 24 sigma all work extreemely well on cropped sensor you just have to rejig you brain to if your from full frame terrortory similar effect different number ive learned to pick up 50mm and know its effects ie nearly 85mm full frame. note all my lenses have benn bought knowing they will fit full frame sometime ie when canon get round to putting all the good bits in their cheaper cameras onto full frame ie 5d3 jez they must think we are stupid it just dawned on me most of the images in my gallery are 17 40
    regards steve


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