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    Default Best Photography Courses

    HI Guys,

    Can anyone suggest any good online photography courses / degree's?

    I carnt get into any courses at college / uni as I work shifts so I carnt make regular dates. that why id like to do some courses online.

    Idealy Id like ones that have some for of qualification / city guilds etc afterwards.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    I canít recommended from experience, but I have just enrolled for a DSLR Beginners Course with Photography Courses UK (

    Hope itís what I require, so may be worth you looking?

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    hi am in the same boat been looking for a good course for a while, just be aware many courses that say they offer a qualification actually donít if you read into it a bit more it is usually just a certificate from then or the work is up to a level of a certain qualification.
    Quite a few courses I have seen offer level3 and level 4 ďqualificationsĒ awarded by NCFE but there photography courses actually hold no weight as those courses arenít recognised buy ofqual .
    Sorry this is no help but If you find a course please put it up on the forum thanks

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    Default Open University Course

    Have you ever thought about open university and study online.


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    Default photography course

    Iím currently studying this one Ė

    Iíve found it pretty good so farÖ

    Anyone else on it?

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    Hi dont know of any courses but your local photography clubs are good source of information and most are reasonable to join too. Also theres no substitute for taking pictures you will learn by your successes and failures. Good Luck

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    I suggest this eBook:
    I found this course useful and it has very beautiful figures.


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