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    Hi all,

    Am new to this site and hoping someone will be able to give me a little more advice. I'm looking to purchase a digital slr for my daughter who is studying fashion promotion at Uni. A photographer friend of a friend recommended the Canon 5D but unfortunately it's slightly out of my budget!! Have been looking at the 550D and 500D but I am really clueless to be honest and would appreciate some further advice on which one is best. Also what lens should I be looking at?

    Many Thanks in advance

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    Hi and welcome. Yes the 5d is expensive and looking at your choices so far I can just guess your budget. Either the 500d or 550d would work in my opinion both come with the 18-55is lens which isnt a bad one to start with. Have the uni given her any advice on what to get.
    When you get a camera like this you buy into a system so look at what lenses she may need, Canon do a wide range of lenses and depends on what type of fashion she is going to shoot. For a student then I would look atcanons 50 1.8 its cheap but an excellent choice, Then maybe a longer telezoom the EFS55-250is isnt a bad choice. But EFS lenses only work with APC sensors as in the 500 and 550d, but again this could lead you to upgrade to a 7d. Get her to hold and try them if they are comfortable then thats a good pointer. Come back for more advice good luck


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