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    Default What camera to use for cats

    At the moment i use a Sony cybershot p12 that i have had for a few years now, but it isn't giving me the type of picture that i am looking for. I use the pictures to advertise my cats and kittens and to put onto my webstie as i am a pedigree cat breeder and getting good picutres are not so good with this camera.
    I am looking for something to take moving pictures as they are always playing and on the move, something that the flash dosen't make them shut their eyes when taking the picture. budget about 300 if possible needs to catch detail in new born kittens and will recognise the cats faces and take pictures when they are moving and hd videos.
    Can anyone advice me please on what ones would do the job.

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    Default which camera

    People have been giving some cameras to look at but still not the wiser about which to buy, need hd video, jpeg for still, good image close up to the cats, motion capture to be good.
    Which one is good for this, Panasonic FZ38,FZ45, FZ100 or Canon EOS 40D or Nikon D3X.
    Any good advice would help to narrow my search down.


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