Hello there,
I'm needing my first bridge camera. I work as a Sound Engineer and therefore live in a half-light world so need good low-light function and also the ability to shoot through the crowd to a max of 20-30ft away on average, no time to change lenses so ideally a Superzoom of at least x15 (I realise that low light on a full zoom is asking a bit much but at least it will be to well lit subjects). Otherwise it'll mainly be used for indoor ad-hoc use of close-up subjects using natural UK light, Macro etc (like a small crawling son).
Don't care about weight and size, just results. The Sony HX1 caught my eye with it's functions but doesn't seem up to par with the low light sensivity I need. I'm looking at around 400 but am open to all suggestions if it gets me what I need, even an easy DSLR perhaps and a practical lens suggestion if I'm perhaps asking for 2 extremes here. (Novice, be gentle)