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    Default how important is VR?


    I'm looking at the Nikon 18-135 zoom but notice it doesn't have Vibration Reduction. How much difference does it make, or would I do better going for something with VR?


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    Default vr

    Hi vr is important if you are shooting in low light. If you put it on a tripod then you always turn it off. I think you are better to have it and not need it as need it and not have it ... graham

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    Thanks, do you know of a lens with equivalent range that does have the VR? I think the 18-200 is too heavy for me.

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    Default lens

    HI.. They have upgraded the nikon 55- 200 vr [ think it's called vr11. I have the older version and find it a great lens and it's not to heavy. I will take a look at the 3rd party lenses and get back to you . graham

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    Default lens Hi here is a link for a tamron 18 270mm It has vr, they call it vc and also couples as a macro... There also is a sigma 70 300 that couples as a macro.I have one of these they are great lenses but quite heavy.. hope this helps graham

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    Smile Hi There

    I agree with the previous responses; VR is imporant, but its not everything. Your configurations of shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation also come into play. I find that anything around 1/125 s on my D90 brings out stable shots. It might be worth while shooting in Shutter (S) and adjusting the shutter speed yourself. I hope this helps.

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    I prefer to control the dof and the easiest way to do that is shoot in A mode which makes vr very useful

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    VR is very useful for hand-held shooting in low light, especially if you find your camera isn't the best at handling higher ISO noise, it is very possible to get sharp shots, hand-held, at 1/20 using VR. Just remember, VR is only good for static subjects, it's useless for anything that moves, you're better to go with fast shutter speeds, VR off and high ISO in those situations. But for portraits/still life/macro ... VR is brilliant.

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    Hi, I have VR on my lenses and find it worth it's weight in good pics. I use a 120-400mm lens and at full stretch the image in the viewfinder dances about somewhat, with VR or in this case, IS (image stabilisation) which is what Sigma use, the images freezes long enough for a good steady exposure to be made. So for long lenses it's vital, but shorter focal lengths with fast apertures it is not so important. It's all down to what lens you will be using and how fast it is. Hope this helps, all the best.


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