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    Default Which camera for Fine art reproduction?

    Hi to all,
    My business is reproducing fine art prints from my customers original artwork.

    At the moment I am using a scanning back Leica S1 Pro with a Leica 2.8 60mm lens, a very rare camera, in fact I think it is the only one in the UK. A similar more popular model was the Phase 1.
    The originals can be large 5ft x 6ft oil paintings down to postcard size pastels, the detail from the Leica is superb but the Silverfast software has gone out of line and rather than spend time and money getting it back in line I would like to know what the modern day equivalent set up would be.

    The files from the Leica on the large originals can be up to 200mb and I do print images out up to 40 x 40 inches so I need something that will be pin sharp at those large sizes, photoshop compatible and easy for an old dinosaur like me to understand!

    Any advise would be most welcome

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    I think I would look at a medium format camera Hasselblad or Mamiya. Thats my first thoughts,

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    Default take a look at this link


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