Apologies in advance for the extensive detail for what should be a simple question. Having seen so many posts with so little usable detail Iíve gone to the other extreme!

Iím looking to replace my Panasonic DMC-FZ5 but Iím struggling to choose between the variety of Panasonic models available. Having read so many reviews I canít see the woods for the trees and canít fathom the quality levels between them or how superior they are to my FZ5 (if at all). Thereís nothing wrong with m FZ5, I just expect the newer models to have greater picture quality and more features (the former being the most important). It doesnít have to be a panasonic, Iíve just enjoyed the experience of my FZ5 and formed an allegance. It was supposed to simplify matters tooÖ

I was set on the G2 but a few reviews stated the suppplied lens range isnít that great and I donít want to get into a lens collection situation. Also, that the sensor is a bit old and not the best. No idea how big a deal these issues are in reality though. I then saw the DMC-TZ10 and FZ100 which looked fab and seemed to tick lots of boxes. And then thereís the DMC-FZ38 or 45, the G10, the GF1 and so on. Just what the heck should I be looking at in terms of a worthy replacement and upgrade for my FZ5, or should I just stick with it as itís already good and these arenít that much better picture wise.

My Usage:

To be the sole camera on holidays so usable by all the family
Sunny action shots in the sea/pool
Vistas and landscapes
All type of architecure Ė indoors and out Ė all conditions (Think of St Peters at the Vatican inside and out)
Spontanious family snaps while out and about
Occasional video but not heavy usage.
Night picures (think New York Times Square or top of Empire State)
No need for advanced creativity or expert settings. Iím an amateur point and clicker at heart with mild aspirations of greatness.

My Needs:

Best picture quality available to meet the above needs.
A good quality long zoom.
Good macro ability.
Stability mode.
Good night shots (with and without flash).
Usable HD recording (I donít intend to buy separate video camera).
Superb point and click ability but has some advanced features for when time allows.
Not too bulky.

Budget up to £550 but happy to spend just £200 for the right camera Ė i.e price isnít the driving factor Ė picture quality is.

All advice gratefully received.