Firstly I'm a bit of a beginner. Not to photography, but to whats called 'Bridge Cameras'. Though If I'm going to be honest I really am an best. But with a young family, a keen eye, and a promised Christmas present, I would love to upgrade to something better than the compact I already own.
I have a young family that's difficult to keep still. I take a lot of indoor pictures of them, and the house suffers from very low light even during the daytime. I like to take pictures at parties, concerts, and would love to ultimately produce prints up to A3 size (if that makes any sense?) I'm also hoping that in the little spare time I have, I would like to expand my interest in photography and take it seriously.
So with that in mind, I have made myself a shortlist of what I've been looking at across the net and in magazines. I would like to know from any experts, professional photographers, amateur photographers, geeks or whoever has a preference or opinion to honestly let me know what would be the best to go with. Ok, so they are...

Panasonic DMC-FZ38; Panasonic DMC-FZ45; FujiFilm HS10; Nikon Coolpix L100; Nikon Coolpix P100; Olympus SP800UZ

Any views would be welcomed, and feel free to add any other model within the price range that these point to. I really appreciate your time.

the dr.