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    I need some help! I am thinking of buying a camera for the mrs' birthday and I know next to nowt about cameras and photography, so hopefully you can put me right before I make an expensive mistake.

    My mrs currently has a Canon 400D SLR which she uses with the lens that came with it and a Sigma wide angle lens she bought. While she is able to take great photos with it, she finds it cumbersome to carry, and some of the features a bit too technical. She's recently seen the Sony ads for the NEX range and she loves the look of the panoramic shot feature.

    So what I need to know is (in layman's terms!) -

    What is the difference between the Nex 3 and Nex 5 range? They look pretty much the same to me.

    With the panoramic shot feature, do I need to buy a wide angle lens for the camera or is it redundant now?

    I've seen a Nex 5 on for about 500, but then there is another one with 16mm & 18-55mm for 590. Could someone tell me what sort of shots you can do with the 18-55mm lens? The mrs tends to take normal 'snaps' as well as wide-angle landscape shots.

    Is the Nex 5 pretty much a point and click camera with SLR quality? That's pretty much her ideal camera I think.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, the NEX cameras are small point and shoots with DSLR quality, although because the sensor is the same size as a DSLR sensor the lenses are not that small.
    The differences between the NEX3 and NEX 5 are:
    The NEX5 is metal (mag alloy) - the NEX 3 is polycarbonate.
    The NEX 5 has a bigger handgrip and the shutter button is slightly further forward.
    The NEX 5 does 1080i video, the NEX-3 is 720p.
    Otherwise they're the same.

    Although panoramas do give you a wide view they're not quite the same as a wideangle. Wideangles make things look further away and change the apparent perspective, making foreground subjects seem relatively larger than those further away. With panoramics you get a very, but the subject size and apparent perspective remains the same, and you get no extra height in the shot.
    That said, Sweep Panorama is a remarkable piece of technology, dead easy to do and the results are spectaucular with the right subject. The NEX cameras also have other related high-tech features such as twilight mode for low light and anti-blur for moving subjects. It can also shoot short 10fps bursts.
    There are a couple of lens options. The 18-5mm zoom is pretty much identical in range to the kit lens on the 400D she already has. The pancake is a fixed (non-zoom) wideangle lens but very small so when its fitted you can easily fit the camera in a jacket pocket. The twin lens kit seems a good deal as for the extra 90 you get both lenses.

    There are a couple of downsides to these cameras: no viewfinder at all, a very limited range of lenses (would this replace the 400D or complement it?) and accessories (eg no decent flashgun). Its also a pain to use in manual mode, though it sounds like she won't be doing that much. If you can live with these flaws they're great cameras and the picture quality is great.

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    Thanks, that's great. She's not too bothered about the video, so looks like the Nex3 will be the best option. Just to be sure, the lenses in the lens kit that I mentioned - the other lens is the 'pancake' one you mentioned isn't it?

    I'm not sure the limited amount of lenses is going to be a problem as she has had the 400d for years and only uses the lens that came with it and the wide angle sigma.

    Thanks for your help.I might be back with more questions later

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    After speaking to my wife, I've found out that she hardly ever uses auto mode on her 400d. She uses the dial on the top to change between the different modes, then changes the AV etc. So that leads to the question - why is the Sony cam so difficult to use in manual mode? Is it just a case of lots of menu options or is it really difficult to understand?

    Also, she was planning on selling the 400D and was hoping for about 200 for the camera, bag and sigma lens. Would that be a realistic second hand price do you think?

    Thanks again

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