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    Default Canon 550D with 15-85mm


    This is probably a long shout, but does anyone have a Canon 550D with 15-85mm IS USM lens?

    If so, what's it like to use? Does the lens work well with the camera.

    If you do have them, do you also have the BG-E8 battery grip or 430EXII flash gun? What are these like the mentioned camera and lens?

    If you have any of these products together could you post a picture on here so I can get an idea of size as I may be buying these accessories soon.



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    hi phil
    i dont have the Canon 550D with 15-85mm IS USM lens
    but i do have
    the Canon 500D with a Canon BG-E5 and the 430EXII flash gun
    and they work well together if you got big hands like i have the battery grip just gives you more feel when holding the cam and when taken portrait shots you have the same buttons on the cam as you do on the battery grip you could not ask for any thing more and you get more power with the grip as it can hold 2 batteries and all so you get a holder as well to hold 6 size-AA batteries so there's no lack of power
    As for the 430EXII flash gun not that hard to work out what it can do just pop it in E-TTL II mode and it works just like the pop up flash does on the cam but just better and if you got a wider lens on just pull out this little flap from the top of the flash for using wide angle lens, it as a Adjustable zoom range - 14-105mm it does 1st and 2nd curtain flash synchronisation, and manual adjustment of flash output from full to 1/64 power its that good phil im buying a 2nd one soon as i can as i brought the other day the Hahnel Combi TF - 2.4GHz Wireless Shutter Release and Flash Trigger to do off camera flash work if you want to see a photo of the flash i have a photo i took set up with the Flash Trigger on my tripod

    hope this helps you out
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    Cheers for your help and I appreciate you taking your time to tell to reply with such a detailed answer


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    I have the 550d but not your combination. I think it is a great camera I have posted some shots here with different lenses. I use a Nissin di622 flash swivel and tilt I find it does the job. what are you going to take pictures of it will help

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    Default I have the Canon 550d with the 18-55 standard IS Lens

    The camera body itself is outstanding in terms of image quality and is also very feature rich. The standard kit lens (18-55) is OK and can certainly allow some decent shooting but does not do the body full justice. However if you really want to get serious about photography you should seriously consider investing in the Canon 50mm F1.8. It is relatively cheap (around 60) and really extends the capabilities of the


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