Hiya, newbie poster and novice in the DSLR world. I've been wanting one for ages and am now able to buy one but think i may be over thinking it and cannot decide between the 3 cameras in the title and would really love some input and opinions from those int he know.

Budget is not really an issue, but as the D90 is 200 dearer than the other two options i am mainly wondering if it is worth investing the extra in one, is it that much better?? Will it even be too much for me with being a novice?

I also noticed the lenses are dearer with nikons than canons and as i have no real idea in what kit i will need etc yet im wondering whether this should affect my decision.

Which is most user friendly?

I dont have a camera shop within 50 miles so am going to have to travel to man handle these babies so wanted your thoughts first.

I live in the lake district so aim to take some landscapes and scenic shots, plus the obligatory dog and people portraits. We are also getting married next yr in cyprus so want to get some good photos of that.

thanks in advance x