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    Default which dslr for a novice

    I am buying a camara as a present for my wife.She wants something that will give her a wider image for long distance shots.She has been looking at the lumix dslrs.Which is the best one for what she wants.Or is there a better alternative.The budget is around 400/500.Thanks.

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    Hi what you need to decide on is do you want a mirrorless camera or a DSLR, a DSLR will be bigger you can get a DSLR for your budget like a canon EOS 450d or even 500d plus a kit lens or a Nikon d90, sony have a couple of models in that price range as do pentax.
    You said long distance now do you mean you want to get closer with a zoom or wider for a landscape. Once we know it will helpus to help you

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    I too am a bit confused by your terminology. A wider image will let you get more into a shot (eg big groups) without stepping back so far but will make distant subjects seem further away, so I assume she wants to zoom in on them (ie a narrow angle of view).

    Also Panasonic doesn't make any DSLRs at present so i assume you're referring to their micro four thirds cameras, which are DSLR style but smaller and with electronic viewfinders. They do several models, one of which is compact in style (the but the others are DSLR style. You can get the with kit lens for your budget but this won't let you zoom in that far, and the twin lens kit is well above your budget. The, which lacks the G2's touch screen, also has a twin lens kit which is above your budget, but less so.
    The is similar and cheaper, and you could get the with it within your budget from Jessops.

    If she doesn't need interchangeable lenses the alternative is to get a bridge camera, (such as, and which will be smaller, cheaper and have a whopping zoom built in. The image quality won't be quite as good but for small prints and viewing on screen you won't see much difference. Other compromises such as slower focusing could be an issue with fast action but not so much otherwise.

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    The Nikon D90 is too expensive for your budget. I would have a look at getting a Canon like the 450D or the 500D.


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