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    Default 100 budget - Kodak easyshare z915?

    Looking at supercheap camera to tide me over for a bit - due to a broken canon.

    I was looking at the pentac H90, fuji z70 et al, then came accross the Kodak easyshare z915 which is on offer at a few places at a similar price (80-90).

    Has anyone any experience of the kodak? It seems too good to be true....

    nb: not bothered about size, the main thing I am after is decent pictures.

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    We're not big fans of most Kodak compacts to be honest, but this one didn't get too bad a from us.
    If you can get it for 100 then its a good deal. Otherwise we have always found the Canon Powershots, while more modest in spec than the kodak Z915, deliver pretty good performance and image quality for the money.

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