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Thread: 500D 0r 550D?

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    Default 500D 0r 550D?

    The question is in the title....

    what do you think? which one should i get.... the one that's 100 more?

    what are the advantages and disadvantages?

    what are the points to be made for not to bother getting the more expensive one yet?

    Thanks in advance!

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    IMHO get the 550d newer model better video I think its button lay out is better 18.0 mp, I found it fits nicely. in my hands. Theres the reasons I got on.
    But I would say go and try both it may make your mind for you.

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    Yeah... i was think 550D....

    can get it for about 636.00 from Currys using a 5% discount on it..


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    all comes down to what you want to do with a cam
    i have the EOS 500D

    and it does me fine takes breath taken photos but some times lets me down when taken fast moving Action photos now the reviews of the 550D say that its slower then the 500D so if its fast Action photos you will be taken then the 550D not the answer like wave said it is a better spec then the 500D with better Video all so a mic In Port were theres Not one on the 500D my self im not getting the 550D as My 2nd Body Im going for the 7D you have the whole package with this model by the reviews the 18 Megapixel Dual "DIGIC 4 processor and 19 point cross-type autofocus were u only have 9 in both the 500D & the 550D
    hope this helps russ

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    Hey thanks for the advice Russ...

    still making up my mind but this helps loads


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    get the 550D its much better, better screen, resolution, video recording, button layout, the list goes on.

    The 550D is a fantastic camera!

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