Hi folks,

Im looking to get the Canon 550D to take traveling with me. Im struggling to decide which lenses to take with me. My limit is two due to size and weight of bag,

My photography can be anything from wide angle to nature shots an alround bag really.. My previous camera a bridge camera had a zoom range of 18x (28-504mm equiv) which i liked the versatility of. Saying that I got frustrated at not being able to maximise the stunning landscapes and little bit of up close buildings that i took, I would also loose quality on full zoom - especially photographing nature at distance. Pics appeared grainy.

Now my photography is to hopefully be printed large ish on canvases and used generally. No Huge posters A1 or above prints needed. Possible A2 at very maximum! I cant afford the top end lenses so probably have a budget of around 600 for the two lenses. OR other option is down spec the 550d to give better lenses???

So knowing the above what two lenses would you recommend. Im thinking a wide angle and a superzoom???