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    Default What lenses to buy? Travel photography

    Hi folks,

    Im looking to get the Canon 550D to take traveling with me. Im struggling to decide which lenses to take with me. My limit is two due to size and weight of bag,

    My photography can be anything from wide angle to nature shots an alround bag really.. My previous camera a bridge camera had a zoom range of 18x (28-504mm equiv) which i liked the versatility of. Saying that I got frustrated at not being able to maximise the stunning landscapes and little bit of up close buildings that i took, I would also loose quality on full zoom - especially photographing nature at distance. Pics appeared grainy.

    Now my photography is to hopefully be printed large ish on canvases and used generally. No Huge posters A1 or above prints needed. Possible A2 at very maximum! I cant afford the top end lenses so probably have a budget of around 600 for the two lenses. OR other option is down spec the 550d to give better lenses???

    So knowing the above what two lenses would you recommend. Im thinking a wide angle and a superzoom???


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    Hi eddiekp. When i travel i take a sigma 70 300 apo and a sigma 10 20 wide.the 70 300 costs about 180 & is a great lens.The sigma 10 20 costs about 400. If your budget allows also think on a 50mm these cost about 90 and are a great travel lens

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    Thanks Graham,

    Just out of interest what would you use the 50mm for? Ive never really understood the advantage of a fixed lense... Then again im new to SLR's.

    How do you find security and protecting your camera when you travel? Im trying to find a bag that does not look like a camera bag - as im traveling through South America.

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    hi eddie If you go to my pictures graham_c you will see two photos of strathyre. They both have been taken on a 50mm lens Balvaig brig was done using a sigma 10 20 wide angle. If you want i will put one up of the sigma 70 300. By the way I just read that tamron do one as well.As for the bags i think this worries us all i sometimes use a coolbag to look like I am carrying a flask

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    Default Eddiekp

    Hi eddie

    For a secure bag, have you looked at the Lowepro Flipside range as the opening is against your back when walking so reallly secure, I have used 1 for quiet a while and find they are perfect, small discrete and safe.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi and welcome, as you know you buy the 550d with a kit lens 18-55 which isnt a bad lens for a kit.. I would go with the efs 55-250is not so much reach but it is a lighter lens and gives excellent results. For the price the 50mm 1.8 is a no brainer to me it is stunning and great for low light and portrait work. Both these lenses are light weight too so that an advantage you can check these lenses out here in the review pages. As for a bag I have Lowepro fastpack 250. Good luck

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    Sorry I got the wrong end of the stick. I use a cool bag only if I am going in to dodgy areas. For anything else I use a lowepro flipside 200 with the zip at the rear also have a lowepro nova gadget bag. Just read the review on the tomron wide angle you could get a better lens

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