Hey Guys i need some help and advice on what to do ive been looking at a few cameras now and i seem to be adding more to my list each time so first ill give you my list and reason why im considering it

Canon 550D - its canon`s latest model that is within my budget and i did like the feel of it but i didnt feel as tho i had a top quality camera in my hand, Im not bothered bout the video at all

Canon 50D - This is what a lot of people say to get instead of the 550D as its the better camera if im not bothered bout video and is now within my budget

Canon 40D - Looking at reviews i considered this due to the fact that a lot of sites compared the 50D to this and they said no massive improvement would be better with the 40D, The main reason im considering this highly is because i can get a 2nd hand one cheap now and then could use the extra money to buy a better lens and possibly a flash

Nikon D5000 - I liked the feel of this in my hand and the weight and the idea of the swivel screen and the dial is easier to access via the thumb rather than the canons which is near my clicker finger but not a major factor as could get used to it on the canon anyway

Nikon D3100 - Nikons latest model just released i also liked the feel of this the weight but i keep holding off for a review to appear

If im honest i would prefer a canon as i have access to lenses as my dad has a few so thats a plus for me and i also think i would like the body of the 40D and the 50D as there meant to be heavy a friend is bringing me his 40D to look at and have a feel n mess around with

I generally want an all-rounder as i shoot a lot of different things and want to get the best camera for my money im not bothered about video on the camera as i have my HD camcorder for that my budget is around the 600-700 mark but would like to save some if i can and not spend it all any advice would be great thanks