Hi there, i have recently bought a canon 450d. I am a newbie to the whole dslr scene and have a great interest in learning, i have had a little muck around with the camera with few pictures and reading the manual trying to get the best pictures possible. Although some pictures do turn out good i have slight problem with focusing and taking the picture, when i go to press down all i hear is a sort of focusing noise is how i would descirbe it, i could be wrong but it prevents me from taking a picture, generally only when im far away it will take one. I tried using the macro setting (i still experience problem with other settings) wanting to take a close up of a flower with a spider on but it just wouldn't focus to it and when it did it would make a noise (even when it didn't it would still not take the photo and the noise would carry on) and wouldnt take the picture unless i came away from it like a metre which i can not get the focus on! i am using the kit lens 18-55. Im not sure why this problem is, i have used a few canon 450d with kit lens and never experienced this problem hence why i decided to buy my own, any advice would be great such as maybe settings is wrong or perhaps fault with camera.