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    Hi, guys

    I need some help with IR photography, I've been looking on the web on how to take IR photos, but im still a little stuck on what I require. From what I can gather is that I just need an IR filter and then place my cam on black and white.

    But then ive seen some reports that you need to modify the cam first.

    Hope someone can advise on what to do.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Maynard, If your serious about ir photos your best bet is to get a camera with a low ir blocking filter.I'm a nikon user so don't know about other cameras.That said you can get your current camera modified but if it is a new camera you will lose your warranty. The cheapest way to to it is to get a Hoya r 72 filter they cost about 40-50 and use manual settings. good luck


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