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    Hi, I have had a problem with this company - ordered a camera bag online and they delivered it to the card address and not to the delivery address as I requested, any way to cut a long story short after a week of hard work by me on the telephone and email (anyone working in customer service, lot of them were 'sorry but nothing they could do' - standard answer) I had it delivered to the right address.

    I was a bit miffed when I found that they had charged me for next day delivery and complained about the fact, after receiving a curt **** email from there alleged customer service team - I know I am on an hiding to nothing so asked for my account to be deleted as I would never shop at Jessops again.

    They came right back and said they had taken me off their mailing list (doh) but after three attempts my account is still active and no way to delete it (it has my card details).

    Anyone have any ideas what to do next or an email address of the director would be nice.

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    ive used Jessops online for orders and never had a problem
    all ways found them on time and a good place to shop on line for gear


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