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    Do you think their should be section solely for black and white in the gallery.

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    maybe it should be colourful,by the way,i like blue and pink very much~

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    Hi Alberta.. Totally agree with you . This is why i think we should have a b/w section

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    Smile black and white.

    Hi Graham.
    I guess the subject of black and white would invite many different responses, some for and some against, but I feel that it's all down to personal preferences. For me, it's like going back to the days when we only had black and white tv's, and how quickly we appreciated and bought the new colour models, wow all of a sudden everything came to life in bursts of wonderful colour. I remember the days when I did all my own processing in my little dark room,bet you do too!. It wasn't so bad in the winter working in a small hot room, loading up the developing tank, threading the film in total darkness, but in the summer I almost passed out a few times because of the heat and lack of fresh air. Then came colour film, which was expensive to process yourself, and tricky, so off went the film to the high street shop and it was fine because someone else was doing the work. I have never used black and white since then and do not intend to at any time, for me it's a retrospective step.
    I hear the arguments for it. some quoting famous names like Ansell Adams for instance, but I wonder what kind of images he would have made if at that time he had been able to use colour film?. Those early pioneers of photography set many standards and made unforgettable images, but then all they had was black and white. As I said, it's a personal thing, but in truth we don't see all that many images in the gallery in B/W compared to colour. What would the public say I wonder if there were no colour for tv? Some outcry you betcha. All the best, Mike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graham_c View Post
    Do you think their should be section solely for black and white in the gallery.
    Hi Graham, I think some pictures look better in black and white and it would be interesting to see how many people would use a black and white section, after seeing your picture of Hamish I'm going to try it next time I'm out with my camera! travelbug

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    Hi Canis major, Firstly let me apologise for late response. Yes it certainly does invite controversy I fully understand your opinion on it and in some respects agree. I take your point on black and white to colour tvs, when I got my colour tv I was glued to the snooker a game I don't even like. There are
    certain photos and films that suit black and white/colour I can't envisage Schindlers List in colour or 2001 in black and white. I suppose what I'm trying to say is horses for courses. I think black and white is becoming more popular on this site and that a section would maybe benefit some photographers. Who knows maybe one day I will go into the loft and get my old Franka and my Cannon 750 and start on film again but I think my darkroom days are well gone....hope you are well

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    Hi, At the moment I shoot all my photos in colour and edit on photoshop. If there was a black and white section I would be more inclined to set my cameras to monochrome and buy in some filters maybe even dig out my old film cameras just for black and white....Graham

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    Hi Graham. Apologies for late reply, I'm quite new here and don't get around to revisiting all the different threads. I loved your comment on snooker which you don't even like!. Yes I do see your point about certain imagery only benefitting from black and white. For me the likes of Charlie Chaplin or Laurel and Hardy just wouldn't have the same impact if in colour. Folk of my generation grew up with B/W and I guess for us colour was a bonus, but still it would be very interesting to see the response for a B/W section in the gallery. I enjoy reading your informative comments, keep it up. All the best,Mike.

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    Hi Mike Your response was 6 days quicker than mine good luck graham


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