Hello everyone.

I have a quandary that I so need help with. I use my compact Sony DSC S600 for taking pictures of my Bonsai trees. It is a significant collection and the only way to view them properly on a screen that is ..is via a plain background.

The little Sony is not actually bad but I feel I can improve greatly when taking shots in my Bonsai workshop. I either use muted flash or redirected flash (not easy on a compact) or daylight lamps placed in differing spots for that one choice picture.

Size of picture is not a problem so I do not need massive mega pixel capabilities, six would be as big as I need but in reality 6-8 would be great. Super zooming is not essential at all. The current little Sony is x 3 which has been more than enough.

I've thought about digital SLR ( I used to have a Canon AE1) so like that make but I am all ears really. Picture Quality is the most important aspect, then what the camera will let me do by way of changes to EV, white, low lighting etc, I use almost always 100 or 200 ISO so again no particular needs there. A decent sized screen would be good, and NOT AA batteries, they cost a fortune for lithium. It is nothing to take 100 pictures looking for just one image with the minimum amount of digital darkroom post work. ( I use Gimp).

I considered the NEX-3 then my fellow enthusiasts suggested I may as well go DSLR. Then I saw these Bridge cameras, so by now as you can imagine I am way too confused after looking.

Please can you help?