Hello everyone

I do apologise for once again another newbie post, i have tried looking through other threads to try and find what im looking for but just can't!

Basically i am looking to buy my first DSLR, i have played with a few just from friends and college! and now deciding im wanting to take my interest further, but dilema is what camera for what i want/need and according to my budget.

I'm particulary interested in the more action sports side of things but also do enjoy wildlife and general use, for e.g snowboarding, skateboarding etc etc, so as far as i have gone in knowing what i need is a fairly good fps but i also want a camera that will be good for upto intermediate use (with added lenses etc etc) just because i am one to want the best model possible but cant simply afford, i would prefer nikon and canon and i have played with sony and pentex etc but i prefer these two brands personally. If anyone could reccomend me a few cameras to look at test etc that would be great im looking at around 400 mark thats with the 18-55 lense and as time goes on i shall progress with more equitment.

Any little bit of help is much appreciated
Thanks for looking