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    Hi, I currently have a Panasonic FZ28 which I like alot, but I am thinking about getting a DSLR. My main interest I think will be in close up / macro work and I don't want anything bulky or heavy to carry around. Can anyone suggest what I should be looking at which is not too expensive. Also, I'm not really sure wha, if anything, t I would be gaining from the change, so any help in that direction would be good.
    Many thanks

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    Hi and welcome
    its always difficult to answer this type of question, by going to a DSLR you will have the ability to use different lenses. I dont know to much about your current camera how do you use it, do you use it in auto mode or do you use it creative modes like av or tv do you use RAW to shoot with or jpeg. A little more info and we may be able to give better advice


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