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    Hello, ive just began to take photography a little more serious after years of going to airports and airshows with two point and shoot digital cameras and taking basic aircraft pictures, i have now been promised by my wife that santa will deliver me a shiny new DSLR camera for xmas. I was hoping you kind, more experienced people out there could offer me some advice.

    1) I have been told that the Nikon D3000 and the Canon EOS 1000D are the best starter DSLR cameras, but which is the best as both seem to be around the 350 mark with 18-55mm lenses.??

    2) For photographing aircraft flying and takeoff & landing is a 18-55mm lense sufficient or is a big meaty 18-200mm lense preferred?

    I know that the more experienced and wiser may get frustrated by simple questions like this but any help/advice would be appreciated.



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    what I would do is look now for some good deals new models have been released so some older ones will be set for a price drop so checkout these models eos 450d and 500d nikon d5000. As for lenses you may need to go longer than 200 so look at something like a 75 - 300. I am not a fan of a one lens does all so get ting a kit lens 18-55 is a good idea plus the extra one for the plane work


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