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    Talking long lenses

    Hi everybody i'm a newcomer to this website!To start the ball rolling,my question is...... i'm a a Canon person who does quite a bit of wildlife photograhy.However i only have a 75-300mm zoom lens,which is quite capable for a lot of shots,but lacks the pulling power.So i've decided i need something more powerful! I'm torn between the 100-400mm zoom & the prime 400mm 5.6 Canon lenses.Which way do i go chaps?Your advice would be appreciated.

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    Well, both of the mentioned lenses have advantages and disadvantages, the 100-400 gives you the ability to compose your shots easier, being able to zoom in and out, whereas the prime will give you outstanding image quality and will quite possibly have faster AF (but dont quote me on that...)
    I personally would choose the 100-400, it has the same aperture size as the 400mm (which is normally a major advantage for prime lenses,) and with the added versatility this just about overshadows the 400mm's advantages Of course, if the needed image quality had to be as high possible then Id take the prime any day

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    Default long lenses

    Thanks for your advice Rob,i know what you are saying,it seems it's versatility v quality lens which is the issue.

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    I would say zoom but have you looked at the tamron 200-500 this is a bit cheaper than the canon lenses

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    Default long lenses

    Thanks for your reply WAVE,i'll have a look at the Tamron spec etc

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    hi rosie

    have you taken a look at sigma's lens as well they do some good Telephoto Zoom Lens
    like the 50 to 500mm and the 150-500mm


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