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    Default DSLR on a (very) tight budget

    Hi all, first post so be gentle!

    I'm always been quite keen on photography but I've never actually got around to purchasing any "proper" kit.

    I'd like to get myself a decent DSLR but I'm on an incredibly tight budget so will be looking to get something second hand.

    Could I get some opinions on what camera would be a good starter for me, what spec I should be looking for etc.

    The two main areas I will be looking to photograph are firstly speedway. I support our local speedway team and think I'd like to start photographing them. I'm also a keen walker so it would be good to combine photography with that.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WIP View Post
    Hi all, first post so be gentle!
    I'm on an incredibly tight budget
    Define Incredibly tight?

    Well, budget cameras:
    Nikon d3000, soon to be replaced by d3100 so expect a price drop
    Canon 1000d
    Sony a290
    pentax kX

    Lenses you'll need
    For speedway you'll be wanting a telephoto, so have a look at the sigma 70-300 apo DG.

    For general walkabout the kit lens supplied should do the job.

    Should you require the sharpest possible picture and best low light lens, then you'll want a 50mm f/1.8



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