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    Default buying a dSLR, cannon or Nikon

    I have been out today looking at digital cameras, I have used film but never a dSLR before, and left the shops more confused than entered.

    My price range for camera and lens is 700 - 800 could stretch alittle but not alot.

    I was shown:

    Nikon D5000, with 18 -55 lens + Tamron lens 70-300mm
    Cannon Eos 500D std lens + Tamron lens
    Nikon D90 18-105mm lens

    as a wild card i was shown the Olympus E620 14mm-42mm = 520 / + 40mm - 150mm

    I would prefer the Nikon, then Cannon, then Olympus, but i was wondering what your advice is. Is the D90 worth paying all the extra money for as the shop assistant said there was little between it and the Eos500. He also highly recommened the Olympus as it was it was being discontinued and going very cheap (but i didnt like the feel of it).
    To add alittle confusion I was also shown a smaller version of the Olympus, I dont remember the model, but it basically was a smaller version of the E620 with all the same internal parts but with the mirrors removed, Im not to sure about this one?

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    Hi, I have a D90 and its superb, i made the step up from an entry level nikon the D40 and haven't been diappointed, you have a high budget considering its your first dslr, you could look at the new sony nex5, its a hybrid camera and well worth a look. you have to consider what you are going to use the camera for, and this will depend on what lens you get. you could buy a D90 body only then buy a 18-270mm lens this this would cover you for quite a lot of different photography, from normal shooting up to distance shots.good luck


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