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    Question Returning to Photography


    Due to the pain involved with squash and biking I have decided to take up a less physical hobby and return to photography. I have not had a proper camera for about 20 years now. Obviously this was a film camera.

    So I have signed up at the local college for a 10 x 2 hour dSLR beginners course (90) and now I need to get a camera. My total budget for everything is 1000 (course, camera, software, bags,extras etc) although I could stretch this if I had to.

    I have read a few reviews and they all seem to say "Decide what you want from the camera then....." but I am not really sure what I want at the moment.

    So I am thinking that Canon EOS 550D is what I want. Is this is sensible choice for a first dSLR? If I get bored with photography will I be able to sell it and get most of my money back? Will I outgrow it if I get seriously interested?


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    Hi and welcome.
    First thing taking a course is a really good place to start again I think you lucky they do them in your area.
    Choice of camera 550d is really good I have one. you can save some money on software as the 550d comes with DPP for RAW conversion and you could always use The GIMP its free.
    Yes you will need a bag but I would get the camera with the kit lens 18-55 its not a bad lens then see where things go from there
    Best of Luck


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