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    Default Buying on alimited budget


    I am starting to re-kindle my interest in photography, I used to work with a Canon A1 but with 35mm film becoming harder to get hold of, lost interest.

    The last few yeasr I have been using a point and shoot for normal day to day stuff, but now want to upgrade to a DSLR to allow me to do more than I have been.

    I have a very limited budget probably no more than 250 at a big a push ideally 200, so know anything I get will be second hand, but need some advice as to what I should be looking at. I know Canon are genrally more expensive than other manufactuers so also expect to change brands.

    Any help would be graetly appricaited.



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    Hi and welcome had a quick look around at used and refurbs on the net and there are places out there but looking at the prices you not saving a great deal.
    I bought a 550d a few months ago, really pleased with it, and like you I have come back to DSLRs from having film 35mm and going away from it and using p&s cameras. My advice would be think what you would want then look for a good deal I know Canon do cash back deals I used that to get my 550d. Photokina is next month so if there are new models announced then the old ones will take a price drop good time to buy. Good luck

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    If you want sometihng better than a P&S camera, and you are used to SLRs, then you don't need to spend a fortune on the latest technology. Almost any DSLR will give you more satisfaction than a P&S!

    My first DSLR ( moving on from an EOS 600) was a Canon 350D and I have made plenty of nice A3+ prints from it. This generation is around in the secondhand market now for the kind of money you are talking about. If you buy into a system like Canon you can expand as your budget allows. Take the first step - you'll be glad you did it.


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    Cool reply to buying on a budget

    Hi there, check the magazines for used gear sales, or e.bay. I beleive you could get a digital cannon 350d for that money plus lens. shoots 3fps and goes to iso 1600, which should be ok for what you need at this stage I shoot with it myself so check my images to see if you would be happy with 350d hope this helps stevebarry.

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    Must admit that the canon 350D is looking very attractive but am struggling to find any reviews, but I also keep coming across the Pentax k-m, which seems to be a popular choice as well, any views would be appricaited.




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