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    Default Help and advice required !

    Ok, first up ill say sorry now for the poor spelling.

    I have just baught a Canon 450D from ebay, I went for the 450D as aposed to the 1000D for the extra points on the Auto focus, hope i did the correct thing!. The camera will mainly be used for work, there for taking photos of houses and the interiors for publication on my website and i will allways uses a tripod. Now the camera comes with this lens 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. Is this good for what i need ? I want wide angle dont i ? (oh by the way i am new !) If not could you recomend a good lens for what i need ? (my current point and shoot says equivrlent of a 25mm wide angle) please keep in mind i will always be in Auto Focus and on a tripod.

    Second one would be i like a lens for general purpous like photos of sports (motor raceing mainly) and famly purpouses eg holidays etc, what do you recomend ?

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    Well, I'm assuming you'll be around the 200 budget, give or take about 100?

    For interiors the kit lens should be fine, 18mm is around wide enough to capture entire rooms, although if you require greater optical quality, for 230 you can pick up a 28mm 2.8, this has a few main advantages - primes 99% of the time are sharper and have less faults such as chromatic abberations than kit lenses; they are very light, taking up hardly any room at all; and you might be able to ditch the tripod due to the much brighter f/2.8 aperture.

    For motorsports - you will require a telephoto lens, for 250 you are looking at the canon 70-300 IS USM, which should do the job nicely

    If you have a nice big budget, you could get the canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM for interiors, and the 100-400MM L IS USM, or sigma 50-500mm 'bigma' for motorsports, all for a 'mere' 3000 lol :P


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