Hey guys!
I am currently looking for a telphoto zoom lens for my canon 550d.

I already have a 17-70 Sigma, a 50 Canon prime, and a 70 Sigma macro. I need a telphoto lens, though, as I am going on safari for a second time next year, and may also be going to Sri Lanka. The only problem with this is that i have a very small budget of just 300, and I would prefer to pay less. I would like at least 250mm, and other than that I am open to suggestions.

I have been looking at the Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom AF Lens. I think this seems great for the price and has IS, which would be useful, as most of the safari will be in a truck and I will be without the use of my beloved tripod. However, I am not sure whether it is good enough quality as it is very similar to the kit lens (in looks and feel), just slightly longer. Many of the reviews on amazon were very good, but many used phrases like 'its good for what it is' and 'good value', which worries me.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out