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    Default AE bracketing on D5000

    I have been trying to use autoexposure bracketing on the Nikon D5000. I 've followed the settings instructions in the manual, but it still only fires one shot. I'm wondering if there's a fault (bought camera in Nov 2009- but hadn't tried using this feature until recently) or if there's something that I'm not doing right?

    Any suggestions much appreciated.


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    Default bracketing

    Hi Izzy b I also had this problem. My last camera [a Panasonic c] you set the bracketing and it took 3 or 4 shots with one press. With the Nikon 5000 you set the bracketing then take 3 separate shot s.On the screen you will see a o with 3 lines underneath it when you take 1 shot a line disappears, the second shot and another line disappearsect.

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    Default AE bracketing on D5000

    Hi Graham,

    Thanks very much for that. I thought it did it automatically.


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    Smile c continuous

    Hi again... There is an other way to do it set up your bracketing put the release mode to continuous then the camera will fire 3 shots automatically. I forgot all about it as i never use it.

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    Default bracketing

    Even better!

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    Hi Izzy. I have a D300 and I found the manual a bit 'techie' as they say. I mean there's 400 pages of instruction and all in English and I would have to be a college professor to fully understand all that's in it. I found a great book on my camera written by Simon Stafford, who is a genius on Nikon cameras. The series is called The Magic Lantern and there's one for most Nikon cameras. He writes in a way that's very easy to take in, and there's loads of illustrations. I think you have to contact Grays of Westminster to buy one, I did. If you are interested their number is: 020 7828 4925. Best regards.


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