Hi all, new to the forum, and first post so be gentle.

I am about to recieve a Canon 5D Mk2 as my vely ord digital slr went kind of wrong, water dose that to it.

Anyway I dont think my old lenses wont be up to providing good quality for such a top camera,

Lenses I curently have is a Modified EFS 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 and a Sigma UC 70-210mm 4.0-5.6.

Im not to worried about a lense for distance or zoom, but looking for a lense for portate street and indoor shooting, something round the 18-55mm mark or their abouts.Now I dont have a lot of money to spend, so will more than likely be looking sencond hand, and was looking for some ideas as its been a while synec I had to get a lense and dont know a huge amount abut them. I do apresiate you pay for what you get.

Many thnks for any advice.