Hi there,

I'm looking for my first tripod and wondered whether anyone had any views as what would be best to go for.

I want something which is suitable for landscapes/seascapes mainly so needs to be sturdy, has an interchangeable head so I can upgrade it later on, relatively small and light weight for lugging around and costs around 100-200 (including the head) which pretty much rules out carbon fibre. I've got a Nikon D5000 and i'll mainly be using a wide angle lens or 200mm max on it.

The manfrotto 190ProXB or the 055XB seems a pretty good buy when combined with one of their pan/tilt heads but I've also just seen the new Giottos Vitruvian Aluminum which has a head and is both a tripod and a monopod (and looks quite nifty with its inversed folding legs).

Has anyone got any experience of any of these tripods and a view as to whether Manfrotto or Giottos is the better brand to go for? Is it possible to put a manfrotto head on a giotto tripod as the manfrotto joystick heads look pretty handy?

Any other advice on tripods would also be much appreciated (it doesn't seem as if the magazines devote much time to reviewing them)