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    Default Want a Creative Bridge, but Which One?

    Hi. The last camera I had was a 35mm Minolta Dynax 505si, remember them? I havent used a camera since and so my interest has been ignited again.
    Im after one of these so called "bridge" cameras but am baffled by the number of different models available.
    My budget range is around the 250 mark. I would like both a good zoom and macro mode down to 1cm. I would also like to use it for a bit of landscape and the odd sporting event so a wide lens and a fast maximum shutter speed would be good. Ive been looking at the Pentax X90 which receives quite a favourable review here.
    But I am having second thoughts now. I did not spot a summarized review of this model in the Sept. issue of WDC in the pages at the back of the magazine which worried me a bit and not many companies are advertising it. I take the view that if it is advertised a lot then it must be a good camera. Ive also been looking at the Canon SX20IS, bit expensive, the Panasonic Lumix DFC FZ38, and also the other series of Panasonics, namely the TZ7 through to 10.
    I am aware of the X90s inability to use the optical zoom while using HD video and also a limited minimum shutter speed but this doesnt bother me too much although I would like a slightly longer open shutter speed than 4 seconds as night photography does hold an interest for me.
    Well, I dont want much then but looking at the specs of some of these cameras Im sure there is something out there that will fit my needs but as I said, I really dont know which model to go for and need to be pointed in the right direction. Many Thanks, Chris.

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    Default What Bridge Camera?

    You're on the right tracks. There is certainly opinion on other reviews that image quality on the Pentax isn't the best, so probably best to avoid that. As a Canon bridge camera user for over 5 years (initially an S1, currently an SX1, although I got it for a bargain 350, with Canon cashback!), I'd be suggesting the SX20, but that's slightly beyond your budget. The Panasonic certainly appears to tick all your boxes and receives consistently good reviews. All three are covered at:
    with the Canon and Panasonic featuring in their top 3 out of a host of bridge cameras.

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    Thanks for the reply Ken. my choices are narrowing. maybe I should work some overtime, (I do about a 80 hour a week as it is at the moment so a few extra hours wont hurt). I would like to spend a bit more as once I do have the right camera it should last. Thanks again.


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