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    Default 7D v 5D II article

    Just read it, and as owner of both cameras, I can't argue with any of it. I bought the 5D II first, and I absolutely love the camera, but recently was able to afford to add a 7D primarily for sports and action shots. What I've found is that in reality, it doesn't actually matter too much which camera I use for what. The 7D doesn't make very good use of my wider lenses, and is better when I really need 8 fps, but the rest of the time, the quality, specification and performance issues between the two are so small that for 90% of my photography it makes no difference which camera I use - if I owned neither, the only real thing that would push me for the 5D II is that it's a better fit for my lenses. And the comparison test bears it all out beautifully.

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    I loved the comparisons, the fact that the 7d has a bigger viewfinder was a bit of a shocker!

    I prefer the looks of the 5d (I know, I know the looks of the camera dont change the picture,) The curved lines on top of it look really neat...

    I think if I had to purchase one of them it would be the 7d, I rarely need to use wide-angle, and the frame rate, improved video, better AF and larger viewfinder would be enough to convince me to avoid full frame

    Now to save up and actually buy one!


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