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    Hi all, i'm relatively new to motorsport photography but it's something i'd like to get into, does anyone have any advice, comments on my pictures or ideas of different shots to try and get going forward. The Website i've set up is

    Thanks in advance for any comments!!

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    One suggestion I would make is that, if you want to get reaaly close to the action I would go to clubs events such as: speed hillclimbs, speed sprints usally held at race circuits, trials (car and 4x4), autotest etc.

    These events allow you to get far closer and paddock access is free. Also if you register early in the day or before with the organising club, you can sign on a photographer and get closer still. Relective jacket or tabbard needed.

    For info my website is:

    If you live south of the UK, a good place to look for dates of events is the following website, who not only advertise there own events, but many other clubs events also, see:

    Hope this helps.




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