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    Default Canon Eos 1000d or Nikon 3000d

    Please help I'm buying my first DSLR this week, price is a factor which is why I'm buying either the canon or nikon base level product. I had read numerous profffessional reviews and still have not made up my mind. The only thing that is dwelling slightly on my mind is that in a couple of professional and consumer reviews the Nikon does not perform well in low light applications.

    Any advice would be very welcome

    Oh one thing to mention I will be using the camera for landscape pictures in the majority.

    Thanks in advance

    Scott from Devon

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    Not much between either camera you need to go look at them see how they feel to hold and use.
    Concider also sony alpha 230 and the olympus e520

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    Hi Scott, I have just bought my first DSLR, Canon EOS 450D. Had looked at the cheaper 1000D but told the camera was a cut down version of the 450D and actually built in a different country, most cameras I believe are built in Japan, but not the 1000D(possibly Korea, but dont quote me!) Cheaper body as well. But with your choice I guess the Nikon.

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    As far as I'm aware, Canon don't make DSLRs anywhere but Japan. Nikon do - the D3000 is made in Thailand, I believe - but it really doesn't matter where they're made.

    To the OP - try them out for yourself, see which you like best - you'll take better and more pictures with a camera you like using.

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    Default Thank you all

    Guys thanks for your advice, very helpful.

    I have decided to go woth the Nikon mostly due to the Canon not coming with a Vibration Reduction built into the lens.

    I would have had to spend another 50 apparenlty.

    Although when handling and using the 2 different cameras I justfelt more comfortable with the Nikon thanks NRoberts & Wave


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