I am returning to photography - as a hobby. Back in the mid 60's to mid 70's I was a professional commercial photographer. In those days I would use a variety of cameras from a Various 35mm Leica's, a Praktica Super TL and Pentax Spotmatic (still my favourite 35mm SLR), various Rolleiflex, Bronica and Hasselbads to Sinar and Linhoff 5x4" plate and sheet film - it depended on what I was doing.

Now, I'm getting to grips with digital, having hardly touched a camera for 30 years (except the ocassonal family event using my beloved Spotmatic!). However, during the past few months I have been reading several magazines I see may references such as "this is a professional camera" or "this is a semi-professional camera" or "prosumar camera" and this got me thinking, exactly how is a modern digital SLR thus catagorised and what features are mandatory (and why) to warrant the "professional" tag and distinction?

Finally, are we now so hung up on "features" that we are overlooking the most important factor - the guy (or woman) behind the camera!