Ive recently purchased a nikon d3000, with a 18 -55 vr lens and a 70 - 300 tameron lens (i think thats how you spell it)
Ive also inhereted all my fathers old equipment, he has alot of different filters, and they vary in size some fit on my lenses and some do not. is it possible to get adaptors so they will fit,
for example one my 18 -55 lens the filer size is 52 and the star light filter id really like to use on my wider angle shots is of size 56, is there a way i can fit them together?
im guessing that i cant with the 70 - 300 lense because that has a filter size of 62 so putting a 56 size filter on it would give me a false boundry,

sorry for the really silly question, i'm really really new to photography,