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    Am travelling across Europe on my motorcycle and want to buy a decent SLR camera. I am not a huge enthusiast so nothing too fancy but I am going to be going through some amazing scenery and want something to capture it with a wide angled lens. I am thinking of the D40 with the best lens you can get. Can anyone help me out? I'm looking to spend under 300 but can go just over if it's going to make a huge difference. Also I obviously don't want anything too big.

    Cheers for any help

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    a dslr is big have you concidered a high end compact canon s90 sony hx5 they will be easier to travel with

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    I too am wondering about a travel camera.

    While i have my beloved G10 I am off to Spitzbergen in February for a wedding. Obviously light levels will be very low for the landscapes. The G10 is great but not that good in low light. Since I am only going to get this chance with the Northern Lights I am looking to get a compact DSLR and am looking at the micro4/3 systems. Money is tight after buying tickets to the North Pole so I am looking at the Panasonic G1 or the Samsung NX10. Any views?


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    I always think you'll be better getting a compact DSLR rather than a micro 4/3 camera. The Canon 1000D is a great DSLR and offers a wider range of accessories including lenses.


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