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    Question My First DSLR Camera!!! HELP!!!

    Hi, I'm getting my first DSLR camera soon, but I still don't know which to get!!! I've got three choices in mind, the Canon 550D, the Canon 500D and the Nikon D5000 !!!

    The thing that I am looking for in my first camera is a camera that:
    1. records great videos of moving objects.
    2. takes amazing pictures in low light without a lot of noise.
    3. takes photos of people and the skin tone will be the same as real life.
    4. is light weight and easy to use.
    5. can have autofocus in video mode.

    I won't mind any other camera suggestions, but remember that this is my first and the prise doesn't matter!!

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    IMHO i would recommend the 550d just got one myself well 2monts ago now.
    If you havent already then go and do the touchy feely thing with them this may well influence your choice.
    You dont say what your knowledge is with photography a DSLR is so different from a point and shoot you want to think about a course if there are any in your area.
    Take plenty of pictures learn by your success and mistakes. Best of luck with your new camera what ever one you get.


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