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    I am in need of a second digital Slr camera. I work as a tree surgeon which means I am able to get some great shots from up in the tree tops. I take my other camera out all the time but at work I donít want to risk it being damaged when being passed up the tree etc. I also take a lot of sport and gig photos. Ideally the camera would have a good burst mode and also produce good quality pictures as I have had some pictures blown up to quite large sizes so quality is key. Any ideas of new or old models would be a great help (i have about £300 to spend ).

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    You do not mention what your main system is, personally I would start by looking at either a junior partner or a recent S/H model from the system I had already as this would probably get me a backup and also allow me to share lenses across the two DSLRs.

    If thats not an option for any reason I would start looking at the Olympus PEN range - prices for these vary a lot but you should be able to get a small light (I assume that's important when you are up a tree) camera plus one lens for between £300 and £400. The PEN is not technically a DSLR rather a "Mirroreless System Camera" but the quality is well up there with the DSLRs


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    thanks i have a few canons (film and a digital slr's) so any canon modle suggesttions would be great thanks again


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